Africa Dreaming

The planning is on in earnest for my fantabulous trip to Africa! I'm going to Kenya... yes, Kenya!!

Giraffe  zebraSome years ago I began that all important reflection on my entire life. But I did it from the perspective of my 80 year old self... only I was just 40 at the time! This seemed a critical time to take stock of my life, because it meant I could still make some changes, put plans in place before it was too late. Well, my life's dream has been to go to Africa - to see our planet's spectacular and quintessential creatures of the Ark. Wildlife where it truly belongs - in the wild... and without a technological portal such as a television or YouTube to take me there. Really, I figured I should go before I got to 80... by then I'd probably think I'd missed the bus... or the plane!

It's been a long time in the planning now, but this year I will be going. In June. My friend and I. There have been all kinds of hoops to jump through - visas and jabs of various vaccines - tetanus, cholera, hepatitis, flu, polio, hooping cough, diphtheria, cholera, yellow fever... that's right, yellow fever. Choose not to have this one and there will be no problems leaving the country, but you can count on maybe not getting back in! Then there was rabies... hmmmm.... to have or not to have? Not to have, this time! Besides, if you're unlucky enough to be targeted and bitten by a rabid hyaena, you still need to get to a clinic for a follow up shot, even if you've had the pre-vaccines... just gives you a few more hours to get there before the inevitable sets in.

 So now I am set... flights organized - CHECK; tour booked - CHECK; vaccination program complete - CHECK; mandatory first-aid kit stocked - CHECK; camera at the ready - CHECK.

Now it's just the waiting game... and I can't wait!