First Light
Gyulavary Journal EXTRACT
Hard to believe it's already May. The year so far has been filled with distractions that have, for the first time ever, kept me from my writing. Not however, from thinking about it and not from the tumultuous current of ideas and schemes constantly unravelling to take shape inside my head. I did promise myself some time out after a heavy schedule of meeting deadlines for my educational publisher during 2015, at the same time managing or perhaps not managing that crazy balance between family and teaching commitments. Then the year ended unexpectedly with the admission to hospital of my mother, who at 79 years of age, endured double bypass surgery before returning to our place for a summer convalescence in our beautiful hills.

But the time has come now. In searching for that elusive launchpad from which to catapult myself, I came across this excerpt from my Christmas newsletter - focussing on the newly minted 2015 edition of Raising Hope, establishment of my own publishing imprint, Dragonfly Press and my stated goal for 2016:

"To spend more time on writing fiction and to get on with the two novels demanding my attention,"

... it is the perfect catalyst!

I'm finally feeling refreshed and capable, as one feels at the first light of day. For me it is the long awaited first light of the year, of my writing day, of days to come filled with that adrenalin rush that only writing can yield.

Bring it on!