One kindness at a time....

Sydney Seige FLOWERS






The sad events of this last week in pockets of the world, all coming together with such intensity, seem to rush at our senses, as if the cosmos is making a frenzied attempt at shaking us out of our complacency. Like so many, I sit at home in what seems like my safe little piece of turf, watching tragedies unfold in the world, near and far, and feeling sick with sorrow for the suffering, the lives lost, the forever holes in so many families that can never be filled because of the inexplicable actions of some. And feeling as powerless as the next person to change any of it.

  • Sydney seige.
  • Pakistan children murdered at school.
  • Cairns children murders.

What is it that makes some people choose to harm or kill another? What could it be about a person that they can act out the crime of murdering a child? And then do it again, as happened this week in Peshawar, Pakistan by the Taliban and in Cairns, Australia allegedly at the hands of a relative.

At the same time we learn of the actions of one woman in the Lindt Cafe seige shielding a pregnant woman at risk to her own life.

All such actions are the yardsticks by which we can measure the character and honor of a person. Some have character and honor - some have none.

Maybe we're not powerless. Maybe our collective response to such tragedies is also the measure of our community and what we stand for. In cities around Australia, one such response was the I'll ride with you movement that demonstrated a solidarity of spirit that mindfully recognised where not to apportion blame. Perhaps that's all we can do for now - make sure we are fair and kind to each other, wherever we are. Let's be sure never to fall victim to the provocation of others so that in taking revenge instead of justice, we become like them. Let's make the choice to act peacefully and honorably in the little things of our everyday - in so doing we can change the world one kindness at a time.