How do you arrange your moral universe?

TREWSIn Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week a 90 year-old man was arrested for feeding the homeless! Yes, that's right... it's true!

I saw an article about this yesterday, but then watched Russell Brand's response to this sad indictment on the human condition this morning. Truly, what are we coming to when we have institutionalised corruption of this nature? Brand has nailed the nonsense of this in his brilliantly mocking response, but of course the law is still in place in Fort Lauderdale... some people don't live in a moral universe that guides the rest of us, and it seems the wealthier society becomes, the greater the risk of succumbing to the greed affliction... so much so that in some jurisdictions, laws are being installed that further disenfranchise the needy. Of course, this will usually be rationalised in some obscure way as an attempt to deter the problem in the first place, but that's based on the false premise that feeding the homeless only serves to encourage homelessness.

It doesn't matter which way you look at it - the approach taken here is devoid of moral fibre, compassion, humanity. And let's be clear on this too, that the people who are putting these laws in place are the very people who have been installed to represent the community. A twisted reality, indeed!
Elected representatives have an obligation on every level to serve and protect the communities they represent... this means all in the community!

Let us never forget the advice offered by Thomas Jefferson, "When injustice becomes the law, then resistance becomes duty."


NYC Flash Fiction 2014

NYC FF2Put my NaNoWriMo project on hold briefly this week when the second round of NYC Flash Fiction competition came to an end. This gave me pause to reflect on my submission. This one really challenged my imagination, with its fantasy theme as well as location and mandatory object.

Flash Fiction is so satisfying to write because there's instant gratification - usually takes a night or two to write and then a few nights dedicated to polishing... you can have an entire story ready in just a few days, instead of a couple of years for a novel!


Dragonfly Press
Today I quietly launched my very own publishing company -
Dragonfly Press!

It's the next step in my publishing journey and comes with its very own ASIC business registration and dedicated URL... or you can visit via the tab above.

The dragonfly holds very special meaning in my life... and so it's become my totem of choice.

This custom designed little dragonfly is the official logo for Dragonfly Press.

I'm looking forward to formally publishing future projects under this imprint.

And now I'm officially the CEO of a boutique publishing house... feeling just a tad proud!

Had to treat myself to a butterscotch schnaps to celebrate.

It's definitely a little bit exhilarating!