Something in the woods.....
WritingcomSo I entered another short story competition on one of my favourite websites, I just love flash fiction - I call it my writing pep pill, because it keeps me going and it provides instant gratification! And yes, there was gratification to be had because this came in second place... YAY!!! This piece was inspired by a tantalizingly creepy mansion that lives on my desktop for inspiration - two little boys explore the nearby woods shortly after arriving at their holiday cabin. Enjoy!

“Frankie, where are you?” Wil called for the third time, this time much louder and with an annoyance mixed with real concern. He promised his parents he’d watch his little brother while they explored the wooded trail by the cabin. The light mist had turned to a heavy fog and he felt the eerie weight of it close in around him.

“Fra-ankie,” Wil called again, the shrill sound of his brother's name stretching out with his increasing strides. When he came upon a small clearing along the path, he stopped, spinning in full, wide circles and calling out to Frankie. His heart pounded a noisy rhythm against the inside of his chest.

The tears came.

Frankie was nowhere to be seen.