Writing from History - My turn!

Little_Mum_-_CopyThursday, October 11 and back at the Wheeler Centre with Christine Balint and a small cast of enthusiastic writers, all forging their own historical pieces. For myself this means taking the risk of putting my writing under the scrutiny of the panel - but I welcome it. These generous readers have taken the time to review two key pieces and the feedback is gratifying:

"I could identify with the fear Anja felt, of being trapped and claustrophobic."

"You have created an atmosphere of fear and panic."

"Two powerful chapters bringing home the horror of war and the resilience of humanity."

"It gives me a sense of the terror and the action."

"Such beautiful writing."


So good also to share a candid honesty about how to bring that elusive finesse to the work - other eyes seeing what one doesn't always see as the creator who is so close to the project - repetitions, and how paring back on some descriptive narrative can be instrumental in creating the scene that is living itself out in your head... less is more!