Scarlet Stiletto Awards 2015

IMG 2635The grand old Thorbury Theatre provided the perfect setting for last night's 2015 Scarlet Stiletto Awards. The gala event, hosted by Sisters in Crime, was entertained by the inimitable Jane Clifton of Prisoner fame, with the awards presented by Wentworth star, Danielle Cormack. The crowd of intrepid writers was treated to a candid conversation by the pair, ahead of generously taking questions from the floor. What followed was a wonderfully dynamic presentation of awards and accolades that acknowedged each entrant and their writing. Of the hundreds of short stories entered into this year's event, 27 were shortlisted. I Scarlet Stiletto certwas fortunate enough to be on the shortlist for my mystery piece, Stranger. I'm grateful to the judges for reading my story and finding it worthy of both the shortlist and a special commendation.

When Claire checks her cell phone at the end of her shift, her senses are assaulted by the message staring back at her from the tiny screen. The SMS from Dana's school screams out her daughter's failure to arrive for the morning roll call. It takes a moment for Claire to collect herself, to stem the tide of rising panic that swells in her chest. It's quickly replaced with annoyance at her teenage daughter's moodiness of late, her increasing secrecy and difficult behaviour at home. The cascade of possibilities increases her irritation with Dana, her selfishness at causing this unnecessary upset. Until she calls the school and learns that Dana hasn't attend for the entire day. Until her friends assure her they have no idea where she is. Until the police become involved.