While I was sleeping....
Sure Fire COVERThe summer holidays have been wonderful - refreshing, revitalising, family time, relaxation - all these things I have done in the daytime. But the nights have been taken up with my other life... the one that secrets me away in my office and seduces me with it's possibilities. One of those possibilities has been realised in recent days, with the publication of my short story, Sure Fire. On Saturday night I finally reached the stage I had worked towards all summer - uploading of cover file and story to eBook platform. Crunch time had arrived! I'd looked forward to this moment for so long. Now I simply looked at the computer screen with prolonged hesitation... should I hit submit? What had I too lose. I hit it! It's supposed to take about five minutes for uploading to complete. Five minutes later I'm still waiting. Six minutes. Eight minutes. I began exploring the site, scrolling up and down... what's happening? Then I saw it: "You are 143 in the queue"! It was 2.30am. My mind said, "don't move", but my eyes said "get us to bed before we drop out!"

Next morning I rose early, anxious to reach my laptop to assess what had happened. I knew to expect error notifications if I'd skipped a step or not followed the recipe accurately. To my elated surprise, Sure Fire had successfully uploaded while I was sleeping - it was up and ready, published and waiting for an audience to read it. Not only that, but it had already received a review - a ✭✭✭✭✭ review!

Click on the book cover at left or title to read Sure Fire for free - you can download to any device. Please read. I hope you enjoy it!