Tongariro Adventure
Gotta love New Zealand! It truly is the singular place on Earth one can go to experience every kind of adventure and clime on the planet. This March I have been lucky enough to spend a little time in New Zealand's north island, where I traversed and conquered the Tongariro Crossing—a spectacular range of alpine volcanoes, which also boasts the peaks of Mt. Tongariro and Mt. Ngauruhoe, aka Mt. Doom of The Lord of the Rings fame.

A dedicated training regime in recent months prepared us well for the steep ascents, beginnning at 1100m and reaching 1886m at the Crossing's summit, where we picnicked in the sun with a cheeky brew TONGARIRO2of real coffee. Icy blasts in the lower reaches gave way to perfect sunshine and breathtaking views at the top. At the end of the 19.4km trek we enjoyed that sublimely gratifying rest that follows such exhilarating pursuits. 

A highly recommended addition to the bucket list, especially when shared with best company.

Another diamond day!