Great Escapes

Great Escape Bookshop copy

A few days respite from the frenetic demands of the work week can be the best remedy of all. A four day mid-term break at this time of year provides just such a welcome respite. And how better to while away the precious time than a few days spent with friends along Victoria's remarkable west coast? Taking in the crisp, fresh air and the spectacular views while walking the beaches at Airey's Inlet has certainly delivered. As it turns out, it's also the hub of a thriving creative community of writers and artists. On Sunday evening I was fortunate enough to attend a special event at Great Escape Books, right in the heart of Airey's, where the audience was thoroughly entertained by an engaging dialogue between authors Mark Smith (The Road to Winter) and Jock Serong (The Rules of Backyard Cricket and Quota). It was a fun night in lively company. One I will not soon forget. Not the least because of the little prize I discovered on leaving the store at the end of the evening - Raising Hope proudly taking its place on the bookshop shelves!