Cape Otway Lighthouse Station - Writing Retreat

Cape Otway Lighthouse
In mid December I enjoyed the absolute privilege of taking up residence at Cape Otway Lighthouse Station for a few days. The plan was to spend some precious time writing in that wildly resplendent setting. The environment hit the spot perfectly, with its remote locale and intriguing, tapestried history. Accommodation in the lighthouse keeper's cottage added to the ambience I was looking for, lending the required mood and direction for my story to take shape. Working at the small window with views of the grand old lighthouse provided the metaphorical cherry on top!

The weather was wonderful, which paved the way for other pursuits, including climbing the lighthouse everyday, exploring the the entire historical precinct, bushwalks in the superb surrounding bushland, reading on nearby beaches and imbibing the spectacular views of a dramatic coastline that has claimed the lives of so many in the numerous shipwrecks that drove the establishment of Australia's oldest surviving lighthouse station.

Of course, the solitary pursuit of writing would be bleak indeed, were it not for the regular company of a good Arabica brew. In this the onsite cafe was exceptional. Needless to say, I attended often throughout my short stay. I'll definitely be back there some day soon for more of the same.

With thanks to the friendly and accommodating staff out there. :)