Welcome surprise!

9781488612015Busy weeks never fail to elevate one's excitement at the prospect of Friday afternoon at last arriving. This last week proved especially so, with the frenetic schedule of events everyday to celebrate National Science Week. We are fortunate indeed at my school to be able to work with inspiring young leaders whose creative endeavours bring a raft of opportunities to life, stirring the curiosity and participation of their peers. Their learning journey and shared enthusiasm for the Sciences keep me inspired to continue writing for education (around the edges of my beloved fiction). So it was a welcome surprise when I climbed the stairs to my front door on Friday night to find the box of newly minted books waiting for me. 

It has been a long journey to prepare and bring this new material to publication in line with the revised Year 12 VCE Biology course, scheduled to launch in the 2017 school year. It's gratifying now to see the finished product, shiney and new and ready to go. Exciting to be part of the creative process that breathes life into ideas, ideas that are meticulously and beautifully realised by the expert hands at 9781488612008Pearson Education. Even more so when your labor provides a meaningful avenue for learning. To be a part of that is an awesome privilege.

* Year 11 book (VCE Units 1 & 2) launched last year for the 2016 school year.