Science Week

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It's an exciting time to be alive right now, especially in the wide world of sciences. We're asking more questions than ever before, and more are constantly generated by every new piece of information we learn about the world around us and how it all works. And this week has been no exception - it's
Science Week!

A highlight of Science Week on the education events calendar each year is the Alliance of Girls' Schools Science Breakfast, hosted by Mentone Girls' Grammar School. In the past, I have organised attendance at this event for students and teachers, but this year I actually had the pleasure and privilege to go along myself. It was the highlight of the week for me - an extraordinary opportunity to sit in the audience and listen to the remarkable and passionate Dr. Tania Obranovich address the transfixed audience of senior science students. Dr. Obranovich boasts an impressive career in the intriguing fusion of sciences and patent law. You might think that's potentially challenging to keep interesting, but actually, dynamic and fascinating and relevant are adjectives that don't do justice to her presentation. We were enlightened about the raft of precarious issues around biotechnology, including the hot potato that is the patenting of genes.

Obranovich has a knack of invoking your keen attention while she delivers an intense array of information, and leaving you wanting more. She's entertaining and informative, raising issues and addressing them, challenging you to consider issues from opposing perspectives.

Just brilliant!