Time for a Break

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Autumn in the hills is a brilliant time of year. The welcome break from school and study makes more time for those longed-for self-indulgent pursuits. For me, that's writing and walking. And walking in the hills in autumn is spectacular, with the turning leaves delivering a stunning display of colours. Nothing better than a walk in the crisp morning air to blow out the cobwebs, land at a local café for a brief respite with a good book and fresh brew, before heading home again. The perfect kick-start to the writing life!


April has arrived and you know what that means... daily-dose-of-Flash-Fiction month! Every day a creative writing aficionado at Writers Victoria posts a prompt for the day, and addicted writers everywhere get to see what they can do with it. In 30 words! A daily writing pep pill that offers the highly sought after instant gratification that the pursuit of long-form cannot provide. Lots of fun! The theme for this month is GLIMMER. Every day a new word related to the theme launches us into action. In the first few days alone there have been four new prompts, and thousands of 30-word masterpieces posted on Twitter. Why not head over and take a look? You won't be sorry!