Brains Matter
Brain MattersToday I had the privilege of hosting a Brains Matter podcast at my home in the hills. Brains Matter podcaster, Pratap Patnaikuni set up his audio equipment in my lounge room and proceeded with his interview of my colleague, the inimitable Dr. Zara Dennis. Pratap takes his listeners on a journey into the minds of some of the most prodigious people you're likely to meet. Our own Dr. Z is no exception here.

Zara PodcastPratap's comfortable conversational style effectively draws out all that we're waiting to hear about how this exuberant young woman from Leeds in England began her journey as a high school Chemistry/Physics student and went on to study a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science before undertaking a Physics degree that had her finish with first class honours in Space Technology. After a period of work in laser engineering Zara migrated to Australia to take up an offer as a PhD student at Melbourne's Monash University, where she completed her doctorate in Geophysics. Naturally she moved on to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre in Strathmore, where rewarding interactions with curious high school students convinced her to remain in education. After completing her Dip Ed at La Trobe University, Zara has come full circle, finding her niche delivering those precious light-bulb moments to youngsters in high school Physics and Maths.

I'm inspired... and exhausted!

Can't wait to hear it all again when the podcast goes live!