Raising Hope MAY Front Cover 18-05-14Raising Hope follows one woman's journey of courage and determination in overcoming grim odds to create her family.

Bridie's struggle for fulfilment is deeply entwined in the memory of her dead mother and the need to rekindle this lost relationship with her own child. But motherhood is an elusive goal for Bridie, as she navigates the emotional highs and lows of assisted reproductive technologies to conquer an infertility borne of chronic endometriosis. Bridie's journey is further complicated by the tangled web of relationships between herself, her husband and his domineering mother. But nothing can prepare her for the roller coaster of emotions that consumes her when the child she has waited for so long to have is diagnosed with a devastating genetic disease.

There are elements of Bridie's story in all of our lives - an ordinary woman who faces extraordinary challenges.

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