Learn Scrivener fast....

Scrivener TIXEarlier this year I trialled then purchased a product called Scrivener, for writers. Fantastic program that I just love - lets me organise all elements of a single writing project in one digital space. This includes writing the manuscript, in parts as is sometimes required; background notes; research tabs, articles and photographs... it even has a pinboard to post summary cards about each chapter. It's a wonderful program to keep track of everything with ease. So when I received an email from Joel Friedlander a couple of weeks ago inviting me to participate in a webinar hosted by himself and Scrivener guru Joseph Michael himself, I jumped at the opportunity and signed up. The webinar was scheduled to commence at 4pm on May 1, New York time.... hmmmm that's 6am on May 2 in Melbourne!

Not much gets me up early in the morning, but for this I could do it!


 The webinar was themed Learn Scrivener fast and was dedicated to workshopping the finer deatils of the program with the converted. By Wednesday evening I learned that over 2500 would-be Scriveners had already registered, but the online classroom had room enough for only 600! I rose at 5am and before even putting the kettle on, I lit up my screen and knocked on the virtual classroom door. A few minutes later I was in!

Hooray... and thank you Joseph and Joel... it was indeed a wonderful morning!