Underwater Zoo!
SnorkellingWhat better place to start the school holidays than with a break away in sunny Queensland! And perfect timing with the weather in Victoria cooling down - everyday in Queensland is reliably in the mid to high twenties... perfect for t-shirts and swimming.... outdoor rest and relaxation.

Of course, a trip to northern Queensland is never complete without a ride out to the Sunset at Bowenreef for some magical snorkelling. I can never get enough... fantastical sea creatures swimming all around us and unphased by our gentle exploration - so many species of colourful fish, giant clams, corals, seaweeds and seahorse... even spotted a turtle.

With this break away designed with nothing too much in mind, but rest and relaxation, there was plenty of time for reading and inspiration for writing. Some writing most days yielded around 8,000 words on a couple of different projects. That felt so good!

Of course, it ended with a cyclone - but we managed to fly out of Townsville with just hours to spare before the onset of Ita in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Overall fantastic week, with lovely inspiration for at least another 8,000 words during this second week!


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