The year of working differently!

2017-2018End of year affords us time for reflection on the year that was. For me, 2017 began with anticipation about risks one cannot afford not to take. Just over a year ago I took the leap of leaving my regular employment in favour of some timely flexibility with the aim of improving that ubiquitously challenging life/work balance. Plenty of opportunities presented themselves and I was mindful to take note when they did.

It's been a fabulous year, filled with plenty of wonderful time back in the classroom, some intensive writing projects, a big bucket-list travel adventure and that most important precious family time, with evenings available for family instead of work. I've affectionately dubbed it my 'year of working differently'. It really has been one of those life-changing choices that leaves you grateful for the combination of good fortune and happy risk-taking that has befallen you.

2017 has been so rewarding on so many levels that my new year's resolution is to install 2018 as another year of working differently. Bring it on!

Happy New Year, everyone.... make it great!